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Microsoft Dynamics CRM industry-specific sales enablement and demo tools are provided as a baseline for partners/customers for further development. These industry-specific tools and templates, built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, showcase how Microsoft Dynamics CRM is relevant to commercial and public sector markets.

These industry-specific sales enablement tools are released as a part of Microsoft's shared source initiative.
Components include reference data models, pre-defined workflows, and role-based user experience scenarios. Microsoft partners can access additional industy materials, including demo scripts, data sheets, customer evidence and more, via Microsoft partner portals.

Components available on CodePlex include the following materials:

- CRM Configuration XML Files
- Workflows
- User Roles
- Demo Data
- Demo Script

The templates are designed to work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 today and will be updated for the next release of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product.

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